The Kiffness launches #NoPayNoPlay movement, says SABC stations must pay artists or not play their music

Always one for speaking his mind, yesterday The Kiffness launched his #NoPayNoPlay movement: a motion by which he has openly declared that the SABC can no longer play his music until they pay their SAMPRA needletime royalties & SAMRO performance royalties.

These royalties are licensing fees that they are legally obliged to pay as a form of income to musicians. 

The thing is, because not a lot of musicians or the public at large understand what needletime and performance royalties are (and also just how much money accumulates from those royalties) they’re not thought of as a priority. But they should be.

With this in mind, The Kiffness has encouraged musos and supporters to share his message far and wide because ultimately he wants to see one of two things happen.

Either he’d like to see the SABC collapse, so that private legally-abiding stations can take over, or better yet, that the SABC actually pay licensing fees to artists instead of themselves.

Read The Kiffness’ full statement here.