Truth & Its Burden release a lyric video that creates a polar juxtaposition

If you were to hit mute on Truth & Its Burden’s new lyric video, nothing would seem out of the ordinary.

The dramatic, slow-motion visuals of the ocean combined with the on-screen words create a perfectly decent video of love, support, and motivation. It’s when you unmute it that things get a little confusing.

The atmospheric intro works well with the visuals, making it feel like you’re about to watch something rich in philosophy and social commentary but the first verse comes around and flips that feeling on its head.

Lead-singer Ashley de Beer screams out “You are so dearly loved” with the band exploding around him, contrasting the tranquillity of the visuals. As de Beer shouts his way through the rest of the song you wonder if the editor accidentally used footage meant for another project, one a little less aggressive.

As meaningful and important as the message behind “Surfacing” is, this lyric video is a bit too polarising for me.