Vintage Picnics: You, Me & Us, in December, is all about arriving as individuals and walking away friends

The story goes that Vintage Picnics was established in 2012 by Moose Maseko under a tree (where all good ideas happen remember Isaac Newton??) and is an event that was inspired by the kwaito generation who defined their own their own culture and defined freedom of expression.

The festival happens once a year in December in the heart of Soweto and is an outdoor picnic format, heavily focused on people making friends and perhaps jolling outside of their comfort zone each other once a year.

Maseko explains to us that the music festival is centred on the freedom of expression and breaking boundaries of festival curatorship.

This year marks the 7th year of Vintage Picnics and we’re ashamed to say that we’ve never been, however this year we’re changing all that.

Early bird tickets are R70 (General) and R90 (VIP).