Watch Giulio Beltramo smirk at life’s games in a his retro-fitted video for “Play This Game”

Backed by classical training and contemporary influence, this Cape Town newcomer is 20 years old and, quite honestly, on fire.

From a debut album drop, upside down inside out, in 2017 followed by a mini tour through the UK – now this is his 3rd single of 2019 and I’m damn pleased he’s finally drifted across my radar.

Taking on the theme of a passing romantic interest and twisting it into a textural exploration of the wily game of life, “Play This Game” strips away norms, sexuality, gender and societal constructs with a mid-1900s vintage vibe – though I can’t quite pin down the era.

Beltramo and his posse are sleek and bling-ed, brazen eyeshadow streaking their lids. They arrange themselves around a dinner table. Potential suitors exchange meaningful glances across plates of figs. Classy.

He sneers past a glass of poisoned brandy, cigarette smoking between his fingers. Classier.

There’s a defined maturity to Beltramo’s alt-pop sound. Rhythm-driven, jazz-influenced – his vocals hold just a hint of soul tendencies. The percussive, vox-rhythm break is the driving point of the whole track.

I’d like more of this, wherever it came from.