Watch these the 5 #RolandPowerWomen recreate The Greatest Showman’s smash hit, “This Is Me”

With an eclectic mix of established and developing artists and creatives of varying genres, Roland’s new project sought to display the power of women collaborating to showcase their talent on the platform that Roland provides.

These five artists came together to celebrate Women’s Month by creating a completely unique version of the Oscar-nominated smash “This is Me” from the hit musical The Greatest Showman.  

This project, although intended to showcase Roland musical technology and instruments, was also designed to join forces with the long-serving mission of women-empowerment and being a platform where female musical talent can be celebrated.

This is not a once-off project but instead, an initiative to cultivate the support of female artists and set the benchmark in this regard within the musical instrument industry.  

Each artist – Chante Philips (drummer), Tiana Amari (bassist), Louise Day (guitar and vox), Dani Bagel (keys and vox) and Patty Monroe (rapper) – came from a different genre and cultural background as well as varying age groups and part of the goal was to bridge the gap between established artist and developing artist.