Wêreld announce a new series of workshops called YNG MSTRS, with Jean-Louise Parker spearheading the first one

WÊRELD was founded in 2015 by a group of like-minded musicians and visual artists in Gauteng, who were all crafting exquisite artworks on the fringes of the mainstream.

Initially the collective functioned a bit like an indie record label, releasing music, doing press, and most importantly, putting together beautiful audio-visual shows.

Today, WÊRELD is so much more, and their vision for their newly announced YNG MSTRS workshops is to harvest and share the hard-earned wisdom and diverse skillsets of a wide range of young creatives who have respectively mastered their chosen creative paths.

The first YNG MSTRS workshop on Saturday 31 August will be hosted and presented by Jean-Louise Parker (of Academie), musician, songwriter and teacher, and will focus on the key topics of songwriting, musicianship, collaboration, touring, improvising and creating and will be presented at the Open Window Campus in Irene.

Next two YNG MSTRS workshops to look forward to are Henk van der Schyf (co-founder/owner of Park Acoustics, Capital Craft, African Beer Emporium) in September and actor/comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout in October.