Above & Beyond and Sevens featuring Opposite The Other enter the Billboard Dance Charts at #17

Ever since the first live taste of “See The End” back in July in Las Vegas, legendary trance group Above & Beyond and Seven Lions’ track “See The End” was bound to be a hit.

It smacks of the bold and boundless electro era circa 2010 featuring elated synth and vocals, courtesy of SA’s own Sam Burger from Opposite The Other. And as of this week it’s entered the Billboard Dance Charts at #17.

To crack the Billboard chart is a feat in itself because the chart is based on radio airplay from dance-formatted radio stations across America, which means you’re tapping into a ginormous market.

The lead singer for the SA alternative pop band wrote the following inspiring message on his Facebook Page and we stan for this man.

I don’t make music for recognition like this, but I love this story as it proves that you can write a song in a bedroom in Cape Town, South Africa and have that music travel around the world and sit alongside some of the biggest songs on Earth. So grateful to be even just a small part of the legendary Above & Beyond legacy.

– Sam Burger

Here’s hoping this single climbs even higher.