Albany Lore’s “Payphone” is an offbeat ode to love and data privacy

Have you ever gotten the feeling that your phone was spying on you? Or that a Facebook ad somehow conveniently chimed in on one of your conversations? Yeah, me too. So has Albany Lore (real name Matthew Rightford) by the sounds of things and his latest release “Payphone” addresses this with the sort of post-modern hipster flair that you’ve gotta love.

Written alongside electronic music producer and experimental musician Thor Rixon, this track is the first single off Lore’s upcoming EP, and sits at a balanced crossroads where space-jazz and soul-pop meet and combust. It’s groove-infused, riding on a sexy bass line and smooth vocalism – where sax and guitar fill in the unpredictable spaces.

The video is a tongue-in-cheek ode to love in a time of ever-evolving technology and supposed data privacy. A cluttered junk yard of oversized toys and abandoned amusement park artifacts serve as the stage set the scene.

Rightford sinks coins into a Telkom Tikkie Box as a muffled exchange ensues between him and his “Mystery Bae” as Matrix-like Agent lurks nearby, telescope to one eye.

And while this track is danceable AF the video is simultaneously thought-provoking as Rightford coos in the chorus, “I’m Colin Farrell in a payphone booth, recording everything.”