amaFranx’s “Lockjaw” is a stripped-down and hardy melting-pot of sound

amaFranx (real name Franco Schoeman) likes to tackle his sound with only a bass guitar and his growling, baritone vox.

Cue “Lockjaw”, a multi-textural gentle powerhouse of a track which he classifies beneath his coined term “dry-hop” and yes I’m just as puzzled by the phrase.

Hip hop tendencies litter the song: from the vocals to the well-defined rhythm. There’s even a bit of Afrikaans rap thrown in there for good measure.

Gravelly, baritone vocals blend and kick off from bass-line guitar and driving cello injections. Organic percussion bites down. The overarching message of the track subtly addresses masculinity in that the very qualities which can make men monsters, can also make them heroes.

The one-shot video, directed by Jacinda Barker, turns the track into equally minimal, boldly choreographed movement in the form of three dancers descending a staircase in Jozi. It’s striking and it’s appreciated.