Black Lung’s latest EP “Sick” is a riot of an intro

It’s taken a while for the whisky-wild guys at Black Lung to drop a proper release across streaming platforms. Sick is the rip-roaring offering we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a bass-heavy combination of old-school punk and contemporary psych – hot and heavy. 

“Sick (Intro)” is a tense, menacing opener backed by an intimidating beat and monstrous guitar riffs – while the dirty bass that characterises “Satellite” drops the ground away beneath you and I’m free-falling through the void with Black Lung as my only guide.

“Trouble” is a hell-raiser filled with the same anarchic energy that fuelled the punk revolution of the ’70s. It’s familiar beat gets into the bones, while the manic guitar will have you itching to go out and smash everything in sight with some beers in hand.

Things get toned down ever-so-slightly with psych-heavy “Radio Wave” before old-school punk makes a roaring comeback in “Skateboarding”: an ode to one of the band member’s favourite pastimes, that smacks of The Dead Kennedys in their hey-day.

Sick is a dirty, sweaty release from a band that has a whole lot to offer, both on a record and onstage.