Blink’s latest release NINE is ironically a TEN

I’m gonna cut to the chase—I’ve talked about NINE as a whole already so, what I’m gonna do right now is deep dive into each track.

The First Time
The First Time is about exactly what it says it’s about: the beauty of the first time, the loss of innocence, and the nostalgia accrued as a result. “Sometimes, we get, lost inside our little heads”. Sometimes, indeed. Personal fav.

Happy Days
“Hey kid, don’t quit your daydream yet.” Happy Days is a downtempo ode to good times, an elevating mantra that there indeed will be better days ahead, and that you should hang in there. Inspirational tbh.

This is a very understated one. Heaven’s chorus is sweet as honey with just as much propensity for healing. “Angel wings at the bus stop, halos left on top of the bar, Heaven doesn’t want me now.” Matt Skiba’s vocals really shine.

I spoke about this track and its consequent music video at length here. Go forth.

Blame It On My Youth
The first single release off NINE, Blame It On My Youth is about being the person you are today because of the person you were yesterday. Pretty straight forward. Good and nice.

Generational Divide
Generational Divide is—ostensibly—probing its audience with the a poignant question: is this generation better or worse off for all its vices? And it’s giving you 49 seconds to come up with an answer.

Run Away
Run Away is clearly about being held emotionally hostage in a toxic relationship. Barker’s drum work, as always, shines brightly. Track slaps tbh.

Black Rain
Another personal fav. Black Rain kicks off with heavily pitch-corrected vocals and then smashes right through into a manic mix of Hoppus and Barker going literally OFF sis. 10 out of 10 effort.

I Really Wish I Hated You
Sometimes, hating a person is easier than admitting you’re still hopelessly in love with them. I Really Wish I Hated You is a whole masterpiece about exactly that. To the tissues!

Pin The Grenade
With a classic Barker drum intro that blasts into a disgustingly catchy chorus melody, Pin The Grenade is classic Blink that will surely be slapping all over radio waves any second now.

No Heart To Speak Of
There seems to be a common theme of toxic relationships in this album. Did… did Travis write these lyrics? Mark is happily married what is going on my dudies?? Great song though!

Ransom kicks off on a deceptively mellow note and then fucking EXPLODES into a break-neck tempo goldrush as melodic as it is manical. V good.

On Some Emo Shit
The name really says it all don’t it? On Some Emo Shit harks back to the band’s oft very notable The Cure influence, and beautifully so.

Hungover You
With a very different take on rhythm for a Blink song (but a totally welcome one), Hungover You is another cut where Matt Skiba’s vocals really shine. I foresee this one being a universal post breakup fav.

Remember to Forget Me
In classic Blink style, the band closes off NINE with a long(er) running, drum-centric anti-love ballad a la Lost Without You. A fitting end to a banging album don’t you agree? Thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading.