Cutting The Wax’s stripped down set-up lets ByLwansta’s 21st century lyrics shine in “KICKSTAND”

Cutting The Wax is back, this month features sessions with the hip hop lyricist ByLwansta. His name is on the rise, and since the start of 2019 he has already bagged numerous festival slots and studio sessions, as well as an overseas residency and a string of performances across the globe.

“KICKSTAND”, featuring PATFROMTHESLUMS, is the first of three live sessions to be released and right off the bat ByLwansta brings his candid lyrics to the forefront.

“Oh shit,” he begins, setting the precedent for him to mercilessly uncover the humour in the otherwise dull realities of love and relationships, and his downcast delivery and stream-of-consciousness flow is what makes his style attractive.

It’s a youthful portrait, matched with a crunchy beat and an infectious chorus, and has the potential to become an onstage favourite. I want to groove with it, and I most definitely want to develop his air of cool pessimism – “Yea, I’m out of love, but I listen to Lana Del Ray so it’s ok, I’m good”.

It’s something any millennial can relate to, which is perhaps why his lyrics are resonating so wildly all over the globe.