David Scott is moving into his own and his Departures EP is just the start

South Africa has come to love David Scott for far more than just his music. You’ll know him as The Kiffness, and he has become one of SA’s most controversial and outspoken social media figures. He has a brilliant way of poking at our country in the most relatable of ways, while also using his platform to push awareness of the constant socio-political climate. 

If the sheer wit of Scott’s Mmusi Maimane parody wasn’t enough to convince you of his musical gift, then surely Departures is the final ticket. The album is an easy listen, yet still the tracks submerge the listener. His melodies are light though unfaltering, his transitions are sensitive, and nothing is forced, a further testament to his tenacity.

The EP was written across countries: in departure halls, Airbnbs, and hotels. His previously boyish, blithe lyrics sidestep now to make room for textured and fine-tuned production.  “Follow The Wind” sees him join forces with Diamond Thug’s Chantal Van T, whose vox were all but made for their fiery collab, while “Aurora” is peppered in the kind of meaty electronic drops you’re gonna want to hear live.

Departures is the start of something good, a bittersweet departure from the kiff shenanigans we have come to know and love, and a step towards just being Dave. And hey, it’s so good to meet you.