Die Heuwels Fantasties are back with a new single and video for “Jy Stel My Teleur” and you can already hear Bellville singing along

“Jy Stel My Teleur”, the title of Die Heuwels Fantasties’ latest release, directly translates into “You disappoint me” – three words nobody ever wants to hear.

And whether it’s something you’ve said to someone, or whether it’s been said to you, it’s an incredibly relatable sentiment wrapped up in a more mature and slickly-produced sound.

The song starts low with a warm pan flute, simple piano progression, and a single vocal. The melody sits comfortably, all the way through the chorus. What sets this song apart from anything they’ve ever done before is the inclusion of three band members on vocals —  Pierre Greeff, Hunter Kennedy, and Fred den Hartog. It creates a fresh tonal and harmonic variety and it’s the real magic of the song.

Shot at the picturesque Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch, where the album was recorded, the video is a phantasmagoria of studio scenes, animals, nature, and misty solo walks between the mountains.

The song breaks and you’re staring out into a wild crowd of adoring fans, scenes from their performance at this year’s Liefde by die Dam, an event which Greeff is also the organiser of. The atmospheric crowd chanting, combined with the richness of the three-part vocal arrangement and crash of Sheldon Yoko’s drums, breathes much-needed life into the video.

It’s the first new music they’ve released in two years and while they don’t disappoint, they’ve played it fairly safe. That being said, with a new album on the way there’s still ample room to surprise us.