DJ inviZAble and Yolanda Fyrus’s “iThongo Lam” video is an African ancestral dream

In true form, the ever-ambiguous DJ inviZAble explores the rocky road of identity constructs in “iThongo Lam”, a colour and culture splashed collaboration with Yolanda Fyrus.

Decked out in his trademark Sesotho grass hat, visor to his chin, DJ inviZAable cycles through dusky streets on a glammed-up tricycle he has dubbed his Skoro Fietsie. The track is peppered in space-station beeps, pattering barefoot synths and metallic percussion – until Fyrus’s honey-warm vocals emerge to turn the piece into an anthemic post-Afro folk song.

iThongo Lam means “my dream” in isiXhosa, and through a strange-colour blocked video, inviZAable traces out off-kilter process of self-reflection. The colours are warped, skewed, there’s static lines racing across the screen. Fyrus’s braids are pastel. Her voice is rich and wholesome. It’s an expert and wholly unique sonic and cultural bridge.

And perhaps what makes Nick Matthews’ sonic persona so fascinating is that beneath the zebra gloves and skin-tight leggings (between which not a scrap of give-away skin can be glimpsed) here’s a white South African man, carrying traditional African rhythm on the back of his Skoro Fietsie of effervescent electronic engineering.