DӦ just dropped a new video for “Atmosfear” and it’s a classic doomsday anthem if ever there was one

Finnish dӧӧmer outfit DӦ have released a video for “Atmosfear,” a single off their upcoming sophomore album Astral Death Cult.

If you haven’t heard about this band yet, you might be a bit lost so let me clear things up: Dӧӧmer mixes elements of stoner, doom, sludge, and psychedelia with a good dose of dark astral energy. Their lyrics touch on mysticism, misanthropy, and anti-religious sentiments and put a spotlight on earth and the universe around us.

“Atmosfear” is a doomsday anthem if ever there was one. Each band member is surrounded by impenetrable darkness, giving the impression of being loyal henchmen of bassist and lead-singer Deaf Hank, the crazed ruler of life and death.

As he snarls and growls his message of ultimate destruction, his words drive forth power and focus of the psychedelia-tinged black and white landscape he inhabits, while the odd well-placed slow-mo shot gives them a strong despotic kick.

From its first breath to its last the video has enough intensity to engross you and maybe even cause a very minor existential crisis, if you weren’t having one already.