Fingers in the Sky have returned and raring to go with debut EP Devils

Local indie band Fingers in the Sky have ended their indefinite hiatus with the release of their debut EP Devils: a chaotic, multi-faceted work exploring the darker sides of being human.

This EP doesn’t fit the general idea of perfection, but I suspect it was never meant to. This is clear from the opening “Devils, Pt. 1” – an acoustic guitar instrumental which starts and ends nicely but has a middle section characterised by fudged notes and discord, creating the effect of a sudden, jarring drop in mood.

“Devils, Pt. 2” starts filling in the details of the murky, chaotic landscape that the EP inhabits. Its minor falls and desperate vocals paint a bleak picture of a heart and mind in ruins. “Relapse” pulls us back in the general direction of ‘normal’ rock ‘n’ roll with its My Chemical Romance inspired choruses before “Mister Thompson” throws conventionality out the window and unleashes pure, unbridled chaos.

To my mind the closing track “TH” is what a bad acid trip sounds like. Simultaneously exhausted and on the verge of a manic episode, it pulls in opposite directions, disorienting to the point where very few things still make sense.

Give this one a couple of tries. Once you get through the strange, unconventional arrangements, harmonies, and melodies , it’s unveiled how nuanced and layered the EP really is.