Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #101

This week’s selection is filled with emotion, big guitars and losts of chaos. Welcome these blessings into your playlist with the energy it will serve you in return. Wherever you find yourself this weekend, stay safe and keep those around you safe. It’s only funif we’re all having a good time.

Lo-ghost – I’ve Seen All The Ghosts

This is the first single off their highly-anticipated new album which is due for release in November. During their hiatus from performing the duo were locked up in studio hard at work on presenting a showcase of the evolution in their songwriting skills. It deals with the context of death as well as confronting our own mortality. Shannon and Evan’s vocal performances are given ample room to breathe at the beginning of the song, but as the song progresses noisy chaos overtakes the track much like the overwhelming flood of emotions that you are confronted with while processing grief. This single is a clear indicator that this album is going to be incredible. 

The Tazers – Golden Girl

Songs clocking in under 2 minutes is almost unheard of these days. But in that short burst, The Tazers pack a punch. I’ve harboured a healthy obsession with skateboarding since I was a kid, not the kind that wants to make me jump on a board but the kind that for a very long time had me wanting to shoot skating videos. The first thing I thought of when I listened to this song was that it should soundtrack a skate video. Something that is shot in the late afternoon near the beach. That’s the mood, and I approve.

Lake Wolf – Death Wish

Disco has rebranded as Lake Wolf. An absolute enigma no matter what name he is releasing his music under, he remains one of the best lyricists his generation had the pleasure of experiencing. This track feels like a tease and that we can definitely expect an escalation in grit and substance on future releases – or at least that is what I hope. No surprises that the Soundcloud kids are losing their minds over this, its mother’s milk to that audience. 

ADV – I Am

The follow up to “Dead End Town” delivers more of that hubristic rock n roll, driven by full-bodied guitars and crisp, gritty vocals. I’m enjoying the resurgence of zero fucks given, air guitar inspiring rock ‘n’ roll which, no matter what pace it is presented at, it makes you feel like a badass and has you wishing their was a dive bar nearby where your favourite band is playing tonight. I’ll take more of this in bucket loads please.

BLK JKS feat Morena Leraba – Harare

It’s been 10 years since the iconic debut album ‘After Robots’ was released. And this new single is a teaser for the tentatively named ‘Before Humans’ album. And BLK JKS made the genius decision to collaborate with the one of the most exciting contemporary African artists, Morena Leraba. ‘Harare’ is a spiritual journey, an emotional combination of culture, heritage and futurism. We have been blessed, let us open our hearts, minds and arms wide and accept the beauty in eager anticipation of what is to come.