Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #102

This week’s selection is a celebration of heritage, diverse style, and national pride. No matter what is happening in life, I really love that music will always unite us because of its beauty, nostalgia and raw emotion. Get your weekend playlist going, rave safe and be kind.

Androgenius – Should I Just Call

A contemporary emotional malady paired with a nostalgic melody. The notorious blue ticks, the uncertainty of modern communication – or lack thereof. This is a smokey room, jazz club crooner style offering tackling the tempestuous nature of how we regard relationships in this era.

K.O – Flight School feat. Sjava

This single off K.O’s new album PTY UnLTD is being heralded as a stand-out track on the full release not only because K.O flexes his Zulu lyricism but because of the serenely harmonic pairing with Sjava. Laced with low-key groove and plenty of vocal warmth, this may not be a club hit but it will definitely be a memorable song for summer.

Sho Madjozi – John Cena

After her iconic COLORS performance of John Cena, South African and the world went crazy for the song. Seeing videos of crowds chanting “JOHN CENA!” at her shows exhibited such a high demand for the single to be released that she has decided to bless us this wonderful Friday morning by releasing the track on all major streaming services and now the weekend can really start.

Pop Up Party – Rough To Fine (What If, What If) feat Rams 

A result of two years of investing time in the studio together, Thabo Housecatz. Bilal Da DJ and Scott Ross present us with a showcase of the merging of each of their musical worlds. In combination with an inspired vocal performance from Rams, I haven’t heard a song of this style and calibre coming out of Johannesburg in a minute. Groovy and complex composition with subtle intricacies that flesh out the full narrative of the song, I can’t wait to hear more from the crew.

Mx Blouse – Supernatural 

Today is the official release date for the Mx Blouse RE:MX EP. It also happens to be a release day for the music video for one of the EP singles, Supernatural. The music video is a piece of magic courtesy of visual artist Inka Kendzia. Through the genius of projection and animation, she paired Mx Blouse’s vision with her expertise to create a multi-layered masterpiece of light and perception trickery.