FRNGE’s new EP Soft Colours is a blissful descent into the abstract

FRNGE’s EP starts with “An Evening of No Sleep”, a track where dark overtones dominate and the instantaneous eeriness gives me an immediate and compelling reason to stay.

It feels like something is about to happen, something important.

It feels like that hopeless moment in the dark, significant and early hours of the morning when you’re still awake and your faceless demons have come to merge with you.

The intricacies of this track make it a standout – like how the sampling of some general tedious late-night activities to pass the time just complement the feeling of hopelessness, or how the fire-like crackle throughout adds a sense of familiarity.

The harmonising vocals sound like somebody or something is calling you, waiting for you and it feels like you’re drifting through the space-time continuum, marvelling at the complexities of its beauty while simultaneously hoping you don’t come across a black hole.

The EP transitions flawlessly into “Driving Alone”, which is seven minutes of symphonic self-reflection that starts with the sounds of a car opening and somebody (I imagine Keanu Reaves or someone equally as cool) getting into the vehicle to embark on a journey. It feels authentic, like you’re having whatever experience the artist had that prompted the making of this track – you don’t have to know what it is you just have to know what it feels like.

The beginning sets you up, the subtle movements and soft vocals supplement all the elements and everything is mixed to perfection. It peaks and dies down to a tapping sound on the steering wheel, grounding you in reality and it’s just so fucking good.

Ender “I Don’t See Demons” creates the strong feeling of awakening, like a new beginning of sorts. It couples the sound of shower water (or maybe some light rain) with a few birds speaking amongst each other. About midway through the song, it quiets down a bit, and gives you one last moment of “Okay, I gotta do this” before it hits you with the mad urgency of “Okay I’m gonna fucking do this”. And once it’s all done, you know your experience with it is far from over.

FRNGE is a producer, videographer and goddamn genius that has just recently moved to Cape Town, and we have to make sure we keep him here.

Soft Colours is a collection of beautiful sounds, smart sampling and all round mind-grabbing music. Do yourself a favour and don’t just listen to it, but feel it.