Hanwho goes solo and turns perspective on its head in his “Other Ways” video

“Knock, knock – who’s there? – Han – Hanwho?” Classic.

Hanno van den Berg’s solo project’s quirky name is pulled straight from a high school customised knock-knock joke. You may remember him from Well Done Sun, and after a couple of years of bouncing between the band and live electro act Bakai, he’s branching out on his own.

“Other Ways” is the first of 12 tracks which will be rolling out over the coming months. It’s a dreamy synth-soaked ballad, meditatively pondering the paradox of choice and the endless potentially un-walked paths life holds. Stuff worth pondering.

The video was shot between Simon’s Town and the Red Hill Dam by Julian Evens and Brittany Hurrel of Farout. Lush Cape Town hillsides counter rain-streaked chromatic windowpanes against which Hanwho’s hazy vocals echo. A hand emerges from the fynbos to tap out the prevailing melody line on a small synth.

The track is languid and dreamy, oozing synths spill over it all while their textural counterparts slip into the gaps. The video is perambulating, sometimes tipped to one side. A altered perspective in the midst of wordly musings.