Hypanda’s debut single and video “Gotta Let Go” looks at summer life through blue-tinted jol glasses

As the weather gets progressively warmer and the sun starts setting just a little bit later each day, we can feel that summer heat on the horizon.

I for one cannot wait because Joburg winters are horrific and I’m craving a good Cape Town vacation, but I digress. As those summer playlists start popping up here on Apple Music and there on your Spotify algorithms, chances are you’ll notice a specific song playlisted on all of them.

“Gotta Let Go” is the catchy über-pop debut single from 19-year-old producer German producer Hypanda, who was discovered by Stefan Dabruck – one half of the transcendent house duo Dabruck and Klein and co-owner of indie label, Famous.

The video is as cheesy as it comes and features a slightly pale (I feel his pain) male entering a public pool, that’s being patrolled be a Kyle-like lifeguard, and being handed a pair of blue-tinted magic shades. Sounds like a party. Which is precisely what happens.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the treffers, no matter what genre. Remember our feature on “Lalala” the pop anthem you didn’t see coming? Precisely. Eyes peeled on “Gotta Let Go”.