I’m going to the Darkside with blink-182, how about you?

So, blink-182 (my fav band of all time, not sure if I mentioned that yet???) just dropped a new music video and I feel I need to talk about it, and at length.

“I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what do, I’m going to the darkside with you.”

“Darkside”, off the three-piece pop-punkers’ upcoming album, NINE, is presumably a song that details the irreconcilable and unconditional love one can develop for another human being—the kind of love that hurts you so deeply you become addicted to it. Love, like a drug, if you will.

This ’80s-esque beat-driven pop punk ballad is vocally led by Skiba (and punctuated with shorter bursts of Hoppus), and, as I’ve said before, he absolutely kills it. Tom who? I’m also really into the throwbacks to earlier blink tracks, the bridge of “Darkside” has a cameo from the intro riff of “Anthem Part II”, note for note.

Onto the video: gonna be honest with you, it’s a pretty puzzling choice of setting to be playing inside a school filled with preteens. Weird flex but okay. What I take from it is that the band is saying they may have breached forty years of age but they’re still children at heart—and they still make music for people who feel that same way. Please just unpop that collar Matt, Jesus Christ man.

Overall, “Darkside” slaps hardest when played at full volume whilst driving a convertible Mustang on a coastal road screaming your lungs out because you’re young and wild and free and happy. Give it a spin and let me know how it works out.

Also, keep an eye out for my full album review on this very website this Friday where I’ll be dissecting every track off NINE into highly tweetable one-liners. It’ll be a goodie my dudes.