Jägermeister & SA photographers to auction off epic portraits from Overthrust Metal Festival

Once a year the tiny town of Ghanzi in Botswana becomes a haven for metalheads from all over Africa and beyond, as Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Festival descends upon the Ghanzi Community Hall.

Absolutely nothing could’ve prepared me for my trip to the festival at the end of May, spearheaded by Jägermeister, alongside photographers Andre Badenhorst and Lee-Roy Jason.

One of the things that struck me the most was the community spirit of the organisers and attendees, and how they embraced Andre and Lee-Roy so openly while the two photographers documented the spectacle and fan fair of the three-day festival.

Another, was how festival head honcho Vulture told me that the festival has been soldiering on for 10 years without any big name sponsors coming onboard.

That’s all about to change though thanks to the beauties at Jägermeister.

This week you’ll be given the chance to bid on Andre and Lee-Roy’s 10 exclusive prints that they captured at the festival, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to a charity in the town of Ghanzi, Botswana.

The Overthurst Winter Metal Manic Festival auction website powered by Jägermeister will go live on the 4th of September. Keep your eyes peeled.

Have a look at a few of Andre and Lee-Roy’s prints that will be up for auction below.

Pic by Lee-Roy Jason
Pic by Andre Badenhorst
Pic by Lee-Roy Jason