Jeri Silverman’s latest video “Come Undone” is an ambitious play of bodies, light and movement

Jeri Silverman is a fragile artist and it can be felt in both the music and the visuals of her latest track, “Come Undone”.

Her sound is conflicted between a natural vulnerability and her need to be current. Sometimes the conflict pays off, and the track has some beautiful components. The soft melodic riff playing out beneath Silverman’s gentle vocal delivery is a success, and there is beauty in her understated sound – but overall it lacks conviction and originality.

What the song loses in composition, it surely gains visually. The care that went into the the video is evident. The imagery has maturity and aesthetic consideration, moving further towards the confidence that Silverman needs as a musician. The video sees her and another character exploring their own bodies and the qualities of the physical relationship between those bodies.

Silverman literally moves through and between herself, she pulls strange substances from her ears and transforms her eyes into ritualistic icons, all creating a bizarre and dramatic intrigue.

This is a visual showcasing of light and movement, and a celebration of their harmony. There are also moments away from the dazzling light, in the shadows, and it’s powerfully understated. As the track ends, Silverman stares plainly before the camera, and it feels real. It is proof that on screen, Silverman has found her truth.