John Tsenoli dives in with debut video “I’m Just a Boy” paying homage to his rural roots

This might be John Tsenoli’s debut release but it’s far from his first rodeo. From a lucky-break casting in Born To Perform’s Gala Concert 3 years ago, Tsenoli just graduated with an LTCL Degree in Performing Arts from Trinity College, London – and he’s just scraping 21.

A small-town boy gone far, but quick to remind you of just where he came from – and “I’m Just A Boy” alludes to just that. He’s just a boy who got lucky in pursuing his dreams – and while he refuses to see himself as a role model of sorts, he wants everyone to know they can do the same.

The track is an organic pop-ballad – endearing, introspective, and pivoted off strikingly silky vocals. I’ll say it again, this boy has a voice on him. Pitching falsettos settle into rolling mid-lines, while choral backing vox lend an Afro flavour to the mix.

The video, shot in the sweeping fields of Lesotho, juxtaposes supposed stock footage of rural Limpopo with soaring shots of Tsenoli roaming the outback of his birthplace – it’s a tender tribute to his home through the eyes of where he has found himself today.

He’s just a boy but damn I wanna see where he goes.