Justin Serrao’s video for “Perfect Stranger” is a melancholic genre-throwback

Justin Serrao has been working his way through the industry for a long time. From guitar lessons with Wonderboom, to touring with The Parlotones years later, he’s got a sort of instinctual drive which is as propelling as it is arresting, and his new video for “Perfect Stranger” is an honest portrayal of this passion for the scene.

Contrasting yet simple imagery lays the scene. For the most part, the moody black and white footage plays out in a stripped back setting of Serrao in the studio. Away from the closeness of those scenes, he moves through the suburbs of Joburg and then onto the smoky streets of New York, on a journey of lost love.

While backed by silky production and delicate melody, the song has a tendency to slip into the underwhelming. He lays claim to an interesting blend of acoustic and country-rock, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been heard before. The melodies are there, but it’s a tricky game to break the stereotype of this genre. 

That being said, Serrao has his foot to the pedal, and with a spirit as indelible as his, his sound will always hit home.