Lion Raj’s split-screen video for “Fun” is rooted in unfaltering optimism

A simplistic earworm with a knack to stick in your head long after it’s over, Lion Raj just dropped his latest video, “Fun”.

Where Raj’s previous release “Eleventh Hour” was all about earnest support and encouragement, “Fun” breaks free of any negativity or seriousness and invites you to forget about your anger and anxieties, and just go out for a good time. 

Additionally, while “Eleventh Hour” has a much darker, introspective setting, “Fun” is enveloped in pure white, making it impossible not to feel at least a little more positive. Happy-go-lucky through and through, the video relies on a split screen playful focus to keep up the summery zest.

In a similar vein to Michael Franti’s “The Sound Of Sunshine”, there’s an unfaltering optimism that flows throughout this track and it’s powerful enough to make you forgive the odd generic quirk.