Matinino re-releases her femme-power anthem “WOMAN” as SA still asks #AmINext

I won’t lie, it’s been a tough 10 days. It’s been a week since tense of thousands gathered in front of Parliament. It’s been almost two since the crippling femecide of South Africa sparked a furious wave of women rising to their feet.

As the initial fury slowly dies down, the brave and raw survivor stories and messages of hope have now become an integral part of keeping the conversation going.

Joining the ranks to put forth her message of solidarity in her own way Martinique du Toit, aka Matinino has re-released “WOMAN”: a roaring femme anthem backed by an equally compelling lyric video.

Around 100 images of woman living in South Africa make up the montage. They smile, they glare, they cry. They are furious, scarred, soft, beaming, bleeding. Women on stage, women with drills in hand, women creating, climbing mountains, middle fingers thrust up at the world.

It’s DIY editing, raw and rough around the edges and somehow just what’s needed. The women of South Africa are raw and rough around the edges, and Matinino thunders, “I am a woman, hear me roar.”