N-jay.52 offers rhythm and poetry to his personal issues with new video “Wrote Back”

N-jay.52 began his musical journey as a teenager, relentlessly producing mixtapes until his efforts came to fruition. His new track and video, “Wrote Back”, featuring SaintBravo, takes place in the Mother City, as a young boy tries to mend his broken relationship with his mother. 

The music is pretty formulaic, but it follows a solid melody and the lyrics have a degree of substance to them, something lacking amongst rap artists. That track is rooteed in basic standpoints, but to back that simplicity there needs to be a level of creative processing and experimental composition, which this song somehow lacks.

Visually, it’s not often that we see a rapper playing an electric guitar on a city centre rooftop (something more to the likes U2 or Jefferson Airplane), so for N-jay.52 to do as they, and so many others, have done, albeit endearing, is somewhat underwhelming. The fad has been overdone, and in the context of what he sings about, it feels out of place.

His swag is great, the perfect archetype for a 21st century hip-hop artist, but with that could also come aesthetic and musical sensitivity. The dusty black and white scenes of his mother reading the bible are definitely better considered and N.jay.52 can build on this, both visually and musically, as he continues pushing his envelope.