No Requests get super psychedelic in their debut video for “Choir on Fire” that’s one hell of a trippy ride

Ahead of the release of their new EP Nobody Knows What We’re Doing Neither Do We, dropping on 27 September, Gauteng-based psych-funk band No Requests have released an immensely trippy video for their sprawling single “Choir on Fire”.

The contrast between the heaviness of the music and the slice-of-life representation, courtesy of Chris van der Walt (Vulvodynia), Clint Falconer (Dan Patlansky) and Gareth Bunge (The Black Cat Bones), gives unique insight into each of their personalities as the kaleidoscopic animations create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Characterised by a myriad of influences, the song brings together metal, funk, and psychedelia to create a dynamic and expansive landscape, which the video slots into perfectly.

It’s all cartoon filters and multicoloured animations as we watch individual members of the band getting up to, well, not all that much to be quite honest. But despite the lack of action there’s still something definitively attention-grabbing about the video though.