Robin Thirdfloor’s “Gibela” video is a daydream by night, and a damn fine representation of his skill

Robin Thirdfloor has a new video out for his latest single “Gibela” and it’s like he broke a glow stick and started filming it. The result is a child’s fantasy come true. 

Floating through neon waterfalls he builds an ominous context, and a distinct visual style – a kind of tribal animation as such. High chance this can become a calling card for him in the future. He has the capacity for it, and much more too.

The way he slips between isiZulu and English is as swift as it is sweet. He maintains the heart of his culture while still engaging in a way that opens the door to the cross-cultural listener. It’s a clever play, and his flow between languages is pure power. 

The track’s only downfall could be its supposed lack of density, but to be honest that’s a characteristic of a flexible genre. The atypical drum and bass and mellow undertones may border on simplicity, but Thirdfloor knows how to command it. Matched with poignant imagery and assured styling, this is not a simple creation – it’s a statement for complexity to come.