Rocking The Daisies 2019 announce additional stage that fuses the best genres and attractions of previous festivals together

It’s now only a few days until Rocking The Daisies 2019 kicks off but the festival are not done with the breaking announcements.

Combining the Two’s Up stage (2016), The Trap House (2017) and Hotel Soulection (2018), and fusing genres like Afrobeat, hip hop, R&B and soul onto one stage, the festival have announced the new of the new stage joining the CAN DO! Is Rocking the Daisies 2019 family – The Johnnie Walker Jungle! 

Artists who will be taking to the stage include returning Soulection stars Joe Kay (US) and Sango (US), with the addition of Soulection’s Jared Jackson (US), Jael (NL) and Shaka Lion (PT). South African artists Akio, Muzi, Tiny T, Glen Stylez, Gremlin, Uncle Luke, Kay FaithDJ DoowapBeat Sampras and more will also be performing on the stage from 4-6 October.

There’s quite a bit going on at this year’s Rocking The Daisies so to make sure you don’t miss a beat, make sure you download their festival app here.