Serenity pays homage to the multi-faceted inner beauty of women in her “Goddess” video

“I’m a fucking goddess and I get just what I like.” Bold and bristling, Serenity is quick to lay bare just how much women owe men in her latest video: nothing.

Messages of femme-empowerment have been blasting across the scene for the last month, and Serenity comes in hot with “Goddess”: a driving neo-pop anthem on owning just who you are. Self-love and self-worth are the central themes here.

The song comes straight off her upcoming EP Undiscovered: The Rewrite, which in itself is a coming of age story for the 24-year-old singer, and the video features an empowering collection of her closest female friends and family – bridging the gap between social, racial and nationality divides to bring women to the fore.

“Baby I might scare you, make you wanna hide,” she sneers through sultry, ethereal vocals. The sound is punchy electro pop, chiming and driving all at once. It’s got the sort of radio-bred proclivity to catch and stick: an earworm for the uprising if there ever was one.