SEVVEN’s “Army” is your classic story of forbidden love set to electro-pop feels

SEVVEN stepped onto the South African pop music scene in 2016, and he’s been busy. He’s your classic DIY pop muso: he’s written, recorded and produced most of his own music – and with an album, a few singles and an impressive number of collaborations under his silver-studded belt, he’s a long way from bedroom jingles.

He’s just dropped the video for his latest single, “Army,” directed by video production wizard, Kyle White. It’s a montage of cutesy cuddles and heated arguments, of half-drunk bottles of whiskey between angry phone calls, and driving off into the sepia sunset in a Jaguar. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it’s authentically SEVVEN.

Recorded and mixed by The Hit Lab — Watershed’s Howie Combrink and Prime Circle’s Dave Schnettler — and mastered by Randy Merrill, of Grammy-nominated recording studio, Sterling Sound, the production quality is of international standards.

Even the vocal performance is impressive. SEVVEN understands the tenderness to and power behind his voice. And like every successful electro-pop banger ever, the trick is in the rise and fall of dynamics, and the build and drop of the beat. “Army” delivers on both fronts.