Shortstraw are back and their “Beacon Isle” video is an ode to your Plett summer fling

I’m gonna be honest and say I squawked when I saw this release. For a second there (aka about 2 years) I thought we’d lost our favourite indie-rock delinquents for good. But Shortstraw just slid into my playlist again and it feels just like the old days.

“Beacon Isle” emerges from the hiatus which followed their Those Meddling Kids album, with the sort of fun frivolity of their original stuff – think “Bikini Weather” only more polished.

That’s right, this time around they’ve paired their roaring bubblegum-bounce with fine-tuned riffage and slick production. It’s all about young love (and lust) and summer flings which are made for letting go. Shortstraw have taken their time on this one and it shows.

They’ve lost none of their classic cheek though. Bumped and bruised by their metaphorical risk-taking, they power through the track in a sweeping palm-fringed concrete space. Stamped across their blindingly orange jumpsuits are the lewd phrases “sphincter virgin”, “no gag reflex”, “smegma” and even “quaint boobs”.

It’s the kind of cheeky jaunt which harks to their classic “Keanu Reeves” – which apparently they hate playing but everyone else loves go figure.

I’ll say it again, it’s good to have these guys back.