Sió is Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for September

Electro-soul artist Sio has opened her heart to the world with her debut album sbtxts, which delves into her personal views on the joys and challenges of romantic love by combining soulful storytelling with electronic music.

Refusing to be confined by any predefined category of musical expression, she fuses and blends many styles and genres of music, producing an array of tracks which confirm her vocal versatility across House, Electronic, Soul and Folk music.

Her versatility, story-telling style and rich vocals have gained her a wide following in South Africa and abroad.

Upon receiving the recognition as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight Sio expressed her gratitude with these words: “Praise the Universe. It’s a great honour for one of the world’s biggest music platforms to get behind me and my latest work and to shine a light on my debut album. Apple Music has the global reach which I believe is going to open doors for me. I’m stunned and grateful for the opportunity.”

As a sign of her heart-felt appreciation for being honoured as Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight for September, the poetic wordsmith has composed and dedicated a poem which embodies her lust for life by using lines from her brand-new album.