Southern Wild hit home on every possible level in “We Don’t Get Out Alive”

Brace yourselves because this one will hit you square between the shoulders. It’s a rousing, progressive rock anthem unpicking the human condition from the cripplingly anxious pen of the modern generation.

“We Don’t Get out Alive” is Southern Wild’s first release since signing a five year development deal with producer Theo Crous of Belville Studios and their fresh transgression as a three-piece.

It was the first track the band began laying down after they signed, and Crous’s input has been paramount in getting the song to where it needed to be. “His ability to find that “extra something” in a composition is extraordinary,” says Dave van Vuuran, fiery frontman and vocalist.

And where it lands is on the enigmatic pinnacle of top notch quality. A slate-clean bass-drum-vox build launches the track with rhythm-rooted progression which can only go up. Equally rhythmic vocals drive each point home with gritty cognition. “Well get off your ass and do it/ there’s no one else to blame […] your sorrow’s paralyzing/ you’re lost within the game.”

Halfway through and the track combusts into a rollicking post-rock anthem. Bursts of choral backing vocals cut through the triumph. These are humbly due to the Orah & The Kites girls, Bam Bam Brown, Emile Sweigers and Badyn Holesgrove piling into the studio to offer up their voices.

For Southern Wild, it has always been about the music: there is a white-hot love for the art itself which underpins their work, and they bring it home every time.