Take a trip down memory lane in Goodluck’s “Dear Future Me” video

I’d be lying if I said I don’t channel silent stoke every time Goodluck drops a track.

The trio have been slaying local and international stages for years now. And while a vague memory of them slaying Cape Town’s Flamjangled Tea Party stage circa 2012 with a black-catsuit rendition of “I Wanna Be Like You” does tug at nostalgic heartstrings – come 2019 and Goodluck are sitting in a pretty place.

Freshly back on home turf after a break-neck Eurotrip, their new release “Dear Future Me” is a sentimental squiz at the disconnect of our true selves in these modern times, pivoted off a tasty Afro-pop slant. It’s also a collab with Netherlands-based musician Jonas Kroeper and has resulted in a fresh combination of heady pop influence grounded by a neo-African heart.

The video is a sweetly sentimental look back at the wild freedom of childhood. Goodluck’s kiddie-counterparts kick up dust with little bicycle wheels, skip rope, spin a roundabout – while the band themselves relive the moments from behind the wheel of an old orange VW Kombie, speeding down coastal roads. Blink, and they’re mixing cake batter, throwing flour in the air.

It’s an expert channeling the sort of childhood zest we all need a taste of sometimes.