The Black Cat Bones just keep pushing the rock ‘n’ roll envelope and “The Greatest Show On Earth” is proof

The first time I came across Black Cat Bones they were ripping up the Rocking the Daisies main stage in 2012 – 2013? – I forget. Granted, they were already about 5 years into their rollicking career and I’ll never quite forget the wild, gravel-throated brawn and beard of Kobus de Kock.

Take the energy down a notch, and the forward-thinking gospel complexity up three and we have ourselves a rethinked, and honestly 100% revamped, version of “The Greatest Show On Earth” – a once explosive, now funk-infused homage to pretty much themselves and the performance they love to put on.

They spread themselves around a spacious studio, tucked into their own woody corner – for all the world a bunch of leather-edged biker dude slinging instruments. It’s the grooviest I’ve ever seen them.

The track is low tempo, jangling guitar filling in the spaces with almost pysch-esque lenience, trombone throwing in the breathy cigarette rasp of brass. Kobus de Kock’s voice rumbles through as an ever-present reminder of their roots.  

It’s gloriously simple, deliciously rough around the edges and driving proof that these guys known damn well how to own their genre.