The Gambles’ Loaded Dice EP is a gritty groove rock vibe to sink your teeth into

There have been some solid gold debuts hitting the local airwaves this year. Next up is The Gambles: four guys with a whole lot of dignified musical diversity under their belts and an appealingly ambiguous presence to boot.

Identifying their genre as groove rock, the five tracks of Loaded Dice hop-scotch their way through roaring classic rock and ambivalent blues, to rhythm-soaked reggae diversions.  

They record and mix their own music at Tunes Studio – the micro headquarters of Mark Ellis (bass) and Jean Marais (drums). Bulked-up rock riffage shoulders its way through the EP. Burly guitar lines meet Dean Coché’s gravelly vocals and combust. “Exposure don’t pay the rent,” he growls through the opening bars of “Fun Don’t Pay The Bills” – and ain’t that true for every burgeoning musician just trying to scrape by doing what they love.

“Gamblers in the Breeze” takes things down a notch with a jangling, bluesy forte – while “Murky Waters” pairs reggae rhythm with rasping vocals. Their sound is meaty and fleshed out along the edges. Even the ballad-esque languidness of “Run” has enough substance to chew on.

This is bite-sized genre bridging at some of its finest.