The Ndlovu Youth Choir sign to Sony Music Entertainment Africa after coming back to SA guns blazing

The Ndlovu Youth Choir from Limpopo became a household name after they reached the final of America’s Got Talent and captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world.

Emerging as proud ambassadors for a united South Africa during our country’s celebratory Heritage Month, The Ndlovu Youth Choir became a shining example of what we can achieve as a community if we are united.

While SA has endured some testing social and political times over the last month, The Ndlovu Youth Choir conjured up a renewed and unified spirit as the country rallied behind them.

So it perhaps comes as no surprise that as of today, The Ndlovu Youth Choir has signed with lauded music businessman Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Entertainment, a global joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment Africa.

“We are extremely excited and honoured to be working with Simon Cowell, SYCO Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Africa. Our young singers represent the talent and potential of millions of young South Africans. Our nation is bursting with talent and we look forward to sharing the beauty of our music with the world. If you can dream it, you can do it!” conductor Ralf Schmitt proudly exclaimed when questioned about their new venture.

Ending off their run on America’s Got Talent by collaborating with Norwegian superstar DJ Kygo and performing “Higher Love” alongside him at the finale, The Ndlovu Youth Choir went out with a resounding bang.

And while they didn’t win the competition, The Ndlovu Youth Choir’s journey has only just begun.