Wêreld’s second #YNGMSTRS workshop is coming in thick and fast with Tumi Molekane spearheading the second one

After Wêreld’s first successful workshop they’re poised to launch three more with industry professionals. Their aim is simple – to harvest and share the hard-earned wisdom and diverse skillsets of a wide range of young creatives who have respectively mastered their chosen creative paths.

“This is my 11th year of being an educator, and my 22nd year of being a performing artist. What these two great professions have in common, and the reason I am still passionately in love with both of them, is their ability to become shared transcendental experiences,” Wêreld founder and Bittereinder frontman, Jaco van der Merwe eagerly explains to me.

“I am addicted to those moments where a ray of subtext glimmers through the text and everyone in the place receives some collective insight about ourselves or the world(s) around us. I love those moments, and I seek them out ceaselessly, whether they happen in the classroom or the club,” he states excitedly and it’s easy to see why, with such passionate people steering the ship, YNG MSTRS was always going to be a success.

“At the beginning of 2019 I realised that Wêreld, the creative collective I had founded in 2015, was a perfect vehicle to combine these two wondrous pursuits, namely sharing knowledge and enjoying the interconnected flow of creativity. I dreamed up the concept of a series of workshops hosted by people who share this vision, and who had acquired hard-earned wisdom through decades of experimentation and craftsmanship,” he concludes and a quick glance at the upcoming speakers reinforces this fact.

Have a look at the net 3 workshops that are planned:

YNG MSTRS 002: Tumi Molekane (TUMI / Stogie T) on 7 September

YNG MSTRS 003: Henk van der Schyf on 28 September

YNG MSTRS 004: Schalk Bezuidenhout on 12 October

All the 2019 YNG MSTRS workshops will take place on the Open Window campus.

Tickets are available here.