Champion Trees’ debut EP is a DIY indie offering well worth a listen

Champion Trees are just another band churning out couple of self-recorded tracks to get their name on the map. I’ll be honest, there’s a lot of work still to be done on this EP – but man, I want to hear what comes next for these guys.

Their debut is a languid 5-track exhibition of the kind of indie-experimentalism which would fit as comfortably in the opening scenes of a rom-com as it would on an acoustic festival stage.

Chiming, guitar-centric, bass-infused and playful – their sound is rough around the edges, but the sort of rough which just begs to be honed. Sleepy melodies ooze through “Mowbray”, while “Glass”launches headlong into clanging riffage. “Blank” goes ahead and strips things right down to the core.

The acoustics trip up more than once. There’s an imbalance and monotony which creeps in a little to often – but it’s Francis Christie’s vocals which save the day. Honey-warm and comforting, braced on poetic lyricism. They’re elusive and philosophical in equal measure.

Give these guys a couple of months and they’ll be roaring.