Dan Homesy’s debut EP “The Foundation” is all chippy guitar and quintessential melody

There are some new boys on the folk-rock block, hailing from the Mother City: Dan Homesy, and they just dropped their debut EP, The Foundation

Frontman Danie Scherman equates the band’s sound with the word “home” and aims to write songs that bring listeners back to it. Their’s is a raw acoustic kick-up, and feels almost akin to the early days of Just Jinger. 

“Little Fish” opens the EP with easy melody and sunny harmonicas while “You and I” and “Sanguine” push forward with gentler refrains, leaving room for emotion to play out.

Cut to the country chorus pinned on “Hold On” and swing around to “Scared to Die”, whose darker riffs brings another side to the catchy EP. 

Apart from the sweet melodies and chippy guitars, these tracks are entirely agreeable – but almost too much so. Their operation borders once too often on the rudimentary – and call me a purist but music of this nature will rarely transcend it’s limits.

Songwriting comes naturally to Dan Homesy, but it’s not quite enough to settle for what comes easily. They’re packed full of potential – now lets see some experimentation behind the easy-going musical honesty.