Fantom Feelings documents the Paris Yellow Vest Protest in his “Resistance” video and it’s rebellion at its wildest

Fantom Feelings (aka Ebi Johnstone) releases a track every week. Sometimes those tracks are accompanied by a music video. This time around French filmmaker Ty Rom compiled a collection of footage of the rallying Yellow Vest Protests to back the grinding electro strains of “Resistance” and it couldn’t be more fitting.

I won’t lie, this video isn’t for the faint of heart, whether you’ve been following the French uprising or not. It’s a compilation of rugged and raw black-and-white footage – the yellow vests of the protesters are the only dash of colour in the heaving streets of Paris.

Crowds bolt through clouds of tear gas, a silhouetted Arc De Triomphe shifting through the haze. Shattered shop windows, burning vehicles, wrecked streets and harrowing military presence. This is a depiction of a war zone if anything.

Fantom Feelings’ fibrillating alt-electro soundtrack drives home the carnage. It’s a harsh and grating track, built on a foundation of stripped melody and a muffled beat. Echoing percussion slides into the mix part-way though and by now it has transitioned into the soundtrack of a roaring resistance.

The whole video shrieks of rebellion, distraught anger and a wild need to be heard.