Fatboy Slim played The Kiffness’ mash-up video during his set over the weekend and the crowd went mal

Clearly we can’t go 24 hours at TATC without writing about The Kiffness but we can’t help it, the guy’s a headliner.

So remember the video he made where he mashed up Greta Thunberg’s address at the United Nations with Fatboy Slim’s anthemic “Right Here, Right Now”? Of course you do it happened, like, last week.

Well over the weekend Fatboy Slim dropped the mash-up during his set and while NME were quick on the draw to report it, South Africans have been even quicker to jump to Dave Scott’s defence by demanding a credit for The Kiffness as the creator of said original mash-up and rightfully so.

Check out the mash-up moment captured below on Twitter, it’s pretty mal.