Forsaking Fate’s self-titled debut EP is frantic and filled with rage

East London based melodic death thrashers Forsaking Fate’s self-titled debut EP is equal parts melodious and ferocious with a few surprises thrown in along the way.

It’s with monstrous growls and rapid-fire drums and riffs that the band, as their name suggests, look to give fate the finger and inspire anyone who’s been on the wrong end of life’s stick to do the same.

The party starts off with “Prologue”: a dystopian instrumental that fills the air with oppressive tension and tragedy before “Illusions” comes in like a bull in a china shop.

Its frantic rage is only amplified by “The End of Existence” which reminds that the future of humanity looks rather bleak – while still at times echoing the harrowing chanting from “Prologue.”

“Retribution” is characterised by blistering riffs and an Eddie Van Halen-esque solo that comes out of nowhere just as everything starts becoming a bit predictable. Then “Souls of Demolition” starts off the same as the rest but throws in some intriguing dynamics to the breakdown. A guitar wails above a powerful tribal rhythm before everything morphs into a full-blown half-tempo section that brings the likes of Pantera to mind.

Although it threatens to become repetitive at times, Forsaking Fate is a powerful EP that hits you like a ton of bricks and drags you along at a thousand miles a minute.