Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #104

This week’s selection is a heady cocktail of summertime bliss and heightened emotion. We’re shedding the last of our winter skin, we’re opening our petals to the warmth of the new season’s sunshine and we’re embracing new beginnings. Open the doors and windows, play your music loud and welcome this bright new energy into your life. 

Gina Jeanz – Bloom EP

The first thing that will strike you about this release is the ambient city and nature noises that have been used as intricate layers of instrumentation. The crashing waves, birds tweeting and even the sounds of light traffic are not simply thrown in to fill the silence but rather contribute to the narrative of the tracks. This release is serene, graceful and powerful in its subtlety – much like the artist herself. Aptly named ‘Bloom’, this EP is a plant flowering after a long cold winter of germination. 

The Curious Incident – Eating Sunshine

Rampant drumming and choppy guitar chords accompanied by melodic harmonies – a combination undulating between fast-paced indie and slowed-down ska. This song embraces an element of saccharine chaos that saw its height of popularity around 2008, where we spent almost every night of the week watching bands at the multiple live music venues around Cape Town. This is a nostalgia drenched summer-themed track that will get your butt off the couch and down to the beach.

Wenawedwa – Running 

There is an entire album for you to explore but I’m going to concentrate on ‘Running”. I met Wenawedwa when she accompanied the vinyl DJ Sumthing Brown to an event. She is also a vinyl DJ with an outstanding taste in music. A few months ago I saw that she was working on her album which sparked my interest. This release is soulful, groovy and hypnotic. There has been a deep journey in the creation of her music, and the narrative runs within the content of each song. Consume this considerately, you will find many elements to relate to.

Lo-Ghost – You Fell Out Of Dancing

A few weeks ago we featured the first single from Lo-Ghost’s forthcoming new album which is due for release in November. Today we are treated to another teaser. ‘You Fell Out Of Dancing’ embodies the heightened emotion of its lyrical content. I thoroughly enjoy songs that paint a visual in your mind while you’re listening to it, and the visuals are vivid even on the first listen. We’ve all had those moments, late at night in the club when it feels like our world is falling apart around us and this is the soundtrack to those moments.

Evida – Back To You feat Timmy Knight

Another clear indicator of an exciting summer is the influx of powerful pop songs. And Evida has decided to speed ahead of the pack with this afro-pop tropical release featuring Timmy Knight from Nigeria. This is one of those tracks that will have bass bins rattling while you drive the coastal road to your holiday destination, windows rolled down with the smell of salty air and sunscreen on the wind. And in the club, it’ll wrap around your sunkissed skin as you dance your cares away.