Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #105

We’ve eased you into the chaos this week. A warm, smooth lullaby welcomes you into this week’s selection.

You’re surrounded by a warm sense of comfort before you’re confidently nudged towards a darker energy. Explore the feelings, let them flow over you and then treat yourself to something new and unknown at the end. You’ll be surprised but what you find and you will definitely learn a few things along the way. 

Loyiso – Intliziyo feat Langa Mavuso What happens when you pair two deeply soulful R’nB singers on one track? You’re served a strong dose of heartbreak and goosebumps, a healthy reminder of the fragility of personal relationships and that you can’t take the people you love for granted. Both Loyiso and Langa are able to express the raw and authentic emotion of their music in their delivery and tone, while their voices compliment each other harmoniously.

Sha Sha – Abondaba feat Samthing Soweto

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Samthing Soweto release his own album while popping up on features with countless local artists. Each of his features adds his signature groove and soul to the song, which means we’re treated to a fresh and inspiring take on every offer. Sha Sha is a new voice to look out for, one who I believe could hold an interesting narrative in her music, based on this first taste. Another piece of exciting news is that Samthing Soweto was announced in the first round of performers for SxSW 2020, forming part of a handful of South African artists who will get to perform at this prestigious event.

The Curious Incident – You In Education

As I pressed play on the track and the ska rhythm started infiltrating the very 80’s indie-pop synth melody, I felt like this could easily be soundtracking the chaotic crescendo in a John Hughes film. Imagine my surprise and delight when I scrolled down to the song description to find that the song was inspired by movies like The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – nailed it! The love-hate relationship with the education system and the mischievious rejection of authority, a classic plotline, sugar-coated with an upbeat ditty.

Lemon & Herb – Ndiyeke feat Ami Faku 

Ami Faku may not have made it far in the ranks of The Voice South Africa but her voice has gotten the attention of the right people which has seen her career burgeoning far beyond what most would have expected. While Lemon & Herb are experiencing an equally impressive rise to acclaim in the dance music world. The combination of these artists has resulted in a dancfloor burner that will definitely be featuring in DJ sets around the world.

SEXXUS – Chikin Dial 

Don’t freak out, your speakers are not distorting. Your soundsystem is not about to break, but it is being pushed to the very edge of its capabilities. And yes, just as the name alludes, there are chickens trapped in the chaos. This song, much like the full EP, is intended to be disruptive, challenging and unapologetically raw. If you’re thinking that you’ve never heard anything like this before but you’re entirely intrigued for the duration of the listening experience then you have been inducted into the House of Sexxus – welcome.